[Emplois AFPy] Software Engineer – Fullstack

Our unique technology constantly scans the corners of the Internet and retrieves billions of documents
every day! We develop intelligent algorithms to automatically analyze this massive data, in real-time.
In this context, the web platform team is in charge of developing and maintaining all the tools our
cybersecurity analysts and our customers use to filter out, augment and more generally make sense of
digital threat alerts.
The main challenges we face, product-wise, are to show this huge amount of information in the most
comprehensible way possible as well as to make the tools fast enough so they don’t get in the way.
Technically, we deal daily with the whole stack: from the massive amount of indexed data to the
responsive UI we show our users, through relational and no-SQL databases and home-built APIs.
We are hiring experienced Fullstack Software Engineers to help get us to the next level by developing a
single, unified product out from the various tools we have built so far, as well as guide us in the design of
a brand new, public API to allow our customers and partners integrate with our product.

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