Dév. Data/Python – Internship

We design B2B services on real-time data for for commodity traders.

We aggregate data from hundreds of sources, ranging from satellite data to governmental and shipping databases, and run algorithms on top of it to predict the flows of energy. Dataviz with maps and charts make the information actionable.


You will participate in the evolution of our platform app.kpler.com (code, test, deployment, support) and derived applications with the aim of extracting (API, scraping), consolidating, (ETL), and applying algorithms (data-mining, business rules) on large data sets, and make them available (Postgres, ElasticSearch).

For example, you will improve our vessel destination forecast algorithm.

You will be tested on, and expected to work with the following stack :

Python, Posgresql, SQLAlchemy, ElasticSearch, AWS…

The technical team works in lean mode to continually improve our SaaS applications and API.

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